27 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho and Mistletoe

This Christmas was the best! Having children REALLY makes it fantastic! We stayed up late the night before to prepare and help out Santa and then went to bed. An hour later Zeke woke up hungry and I was too lazy to put him back in the crib. Then around 2:30 Rosalee woke up screaming about bugs coming to get her and that her room was too dangerous. So she ended up in our bed too. By the time I got up this is what we had-

Rosalee was tired so it took her a little bit to get into her new things.

It took Trouble NO time at all to start enjoying her things!

Zeke's first rice crackers

I told my father-in-law that I was going to use the 12 days to Christmas to fill his stocking. Oh yeah, I did it! It took a 5 pound bag of oranges to finish it off but whatever works.

My mother-in-law going through her stocking

Zeke with his candy canes

Zeke's new chew toys

Daddy and Rosalee playing with her new dishes

Jenny and Tia with their new pajamas

My stocking gifts... somebody LOVES me!

Once Rosalee realized that Santa brought her a "big girl bed" she refused to get out of it. She just sat there the whole time opening her gifts.

Santa's elf brought everyone a package of muffin mix. Mmmmm...

Rosalee gave her dad his present and said, "Here Daddy, here's your pants."

Trouble got a new toy from Uncle Dave and is VERY happy with it!

Jenny bought Jesse a head massage device. He was excited about it but I think it feels weird.

Here's Zeke with his haul. What a loved baby boy!

I let Zeke have a candy cane and he wasn't too sure about it. Then he refused to let go and cried when I took it away. Silly baby!

Rosalee got some dolls from her Aunt Tia and made them food with her new dishes and then took them with her the rest of the day.

The Dragon Boy with his new dragon! (Thank you Aunt Tia)
After eating some breakfast, playing with toys, and changing into our new pajamas we headed north to Rexburg to visit Jesse's grandparents. We brought them a box of snacks, had dinner, and then spent the night at their house.

We saved the presents from Jesse's parents so Rosalee and Zeke could open things with their cousins. By the end the floor was covered in paper and toys but it was wonderful to watch. The cousins kept trading toys back and forth and I think some only lasted a few minutes before being broken in some way, but they had fun so that's all that mattered!

Zeke thought Grandma was great because she gave him crinkly paper, but he was even more excited for a toy to chew on.

The next day we relaxed watching movies and Grandma James made us her Macho Nachos. I pretty sure I ate more than I should but they were too good to pass up!

When we got home Rosalee kept reminding us that she was going to sleep in her big girl bed. Jesse set it up in her room with Trouble's bed next to it. When I went in to check on her Trouble was in the bed, but Rosalee didn't get out so I didn't care. She hasn't tried to get out of her bed at night or during naps so we're extremely happy! One morning we did find her with her head in the dog's bed and her feet on the pillow. We can only guess that she rolled out of bed but we'll never know for sure!

20 December 2009

5 days to Christmas!

Today we dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits for church. 10 seconds before leaving Rosalee dumped juice down the front of her dress. Oh well, at least I got pictures first! I told Jesse I wanted to get a picture with all of us but he refused. He said it was my turn to be photographed and for him to be the photographer.

Yes those are real lights in my ears and they do work with a battery

Rosalee INSISTED on taking a picture of Trouble

Mr. Blue Eyes himself

Rosalee looked out the window and told me, "Mama we need more snow."
Tonight we made gingerbread houses. Rosalee made one, Jesse and I made one, Tia and Dad made one, and Mom and Uncle Dave made the fourth one. I wasn't sure if Rosalee would understand, or enjoy, making one but she got right into it! She did end up eating half of the candy decorations, but whatever- she was happy.

Each house kit came with a candy wreath and as soon as I opened the package Rosalee stuffed it in her mouth! My only evidence that it existed is her puffed out cheek.

Tia and Dad working on their house

Dave and Mom working on their house

Rosalee kept asking, "Can I do candy now? Mama, I want to do the candy now please. Please Mama, I'll be gentle to it. Is it time for candy?" Maybe next year I'll make the houses first and then just let her decorate it.

It was fun to watch Dave and Mom because they were very detailed and organized with how they made their house. They discussed every step and had it all planned out on who and how it was going to get done.

Jesse decided the candy in the kit wasn't good enough so he got out jelly beans and turned those into house lights. Zeke was mad that he couldn't help so he sat in the background sassing everyone until we gave him his pacifier.

Rosalee was very gentle and purposeful when it came to placing the candy on her house. She'd ask me to put the frosting on for her and then after eating two or three pieces of candy she'd put one or two on the house.

Tia and Dad had fun getting out extra sprinkles to make their house colorful

1. That is NOT a rash on her face, it is sprinkles
2. The green and red balls outside the house and the dogs and kitties and the red gumdrops are the people who live in the house.

3. The white sprinkles all over the table are from her making her house have "more sparkles on it".

4. Her fingers were nice and pink from licking them and then playing with sprinkles. Her bath water turned instantly red... it was like a Jaws movie.
5. She had a fantastic night!

Tia and Dad's finished product

Mom and Dave's house complete with icicles hanging off the roof

Jesse's house complete with a message for everyone

Our gingerbread village

After Rosalee's bath she kept "just looking" at the houses on the table

Baby Godzilla! I thought it would be funny to have him look like he was attacking the houses but he decided to be cute and smile instead. What's a mom to do!?