01 November 2010

Misc. pictures from the camera

I'm still playing catch up on my pictures, but I'm slowly getting there.
Between the time of Jenny's bridal shower and Jenny's wedding we just hung around the house here in Blackfoot but I was able to get a few fun photos of the kids.
One morning I gave the kids strawberries for breakfast. THEY LOVED IT! They both kept asking for more and I felt bad that we only had 1 container. I guess it's for the best because too much probably would have given them a nasty stomach ache.

While I was cutting more for Zeke, Rosalee snuck into the sugar and made her strawberries "beautiful with yummy glitter". The scoop in the bucket is a 1 cup measuring cup so she ate about 3/4 a cup of sugar for breakfast. MMM MMM GOOD!!!!

We went to Shawn's house to ride horses a few times. Mayzee (the horse) is now at my mom's house (I'll get to that post soon) so I wanted to let the kids ride her as much as possible before she left. I just love love LOVE how happy my kids get while riding a horse! Rosalee squeals with delight and has a goofy grin the entire time. Zeke now grabs the pommel on the saddle and points his toes out like a little cowboy. I could just die from the cuteness!

Rosalee has been asking me to do her hair a lot more lately. She loves having "princess hair" and she doesn't seem to mind that I really have no idea on what I'm doing most of the time.

Rosalee is quite the character now. She loves dress up, acting, singing, and dancing. I love to just sit back and watch her. On one particular day Rosalee found a rubber glove and a strainer and made herself a nice little costume. She was dancing around singing about chickens and a farm. Her imagination astounds me!