18 July 2010

Craziness with cousins

I feel like a horrible slacker because I have been trying to post these pictures for a few weeks now. We have to be at work at scout camp on Sunday by 6:30pm and then stay there until 10 or 11 am on Saturday. It takes around 2 hours to get home to Blackfoot so my time at home is limited. Between laundry, grocery shopping, and paying the bills, blogging has sadly been pushed to the back burner. The other "great" thing about living in two places is that last weekend I forgot to charge my camera battery before I left camp so I had to wait to get pictures until after the 4th of July parade. Then this weekend Jesse packed the car and didn't grab my purse which has the camera in it. Happy times! But I'll live and EVENTUALLY I'll have my pictures from camp and the 4th up on here.
The following pictures are from when I got home from Arizona up to when we started working at scout camp in the end of June.

After being contained on an airplane, Zeke was beyond excited to party and play.

Allie and Jesse decided to make some cupcakes for the "cousin party" while we waited for Beth and the kids to show up.

Zekey's new girlfriend... ooohh, ahhhh!

Gangsta baby!


My nephews were impressed by Zeke's crazy upside down tricks so they decided to imitate him.

All of my nephews FINALLY in the same place!

This was going to be the all girl shot but Rosalee threw a royal fit when she was asked to wear a hat.

All of the grandkids

After pictures we played a few games with the kids

My Rosabug and me
Blackfoot Pride Days came again and this time Jesse was home to go to it. Jenny came home and brought her boyfriend (now FIANCE- story to come later) home to meet the family. Everyone fell in love with the guy so we're happy he's going to be a part of the family this September. While at Pride Days we watched the snowmobile races on the lake. Every year I laugh at how stupid the people are, but it does make for GREAT entertainment!

Zeke became quickly excited by the loud sounds of the snowmobiles. You know you live in a small town when you sit down at the lake and realize the person next to you is the lady that delivered your son! Doctor B was thrilled to see how happy and healthy Zeke is.

My wonderful husband

After the races we went on the giant inflatable slide. Rosalee was nervous so they let me go with her.

This is Hayden (I call him Poprocks) and he is 22, from Utah, and loves Jenny more than the air he breathes.

Another shot of my stud of a husband

Hayden, Jenny, and Jacob went on this psycho looking ride. Oddly Hayden was the one screaming like a little girl...

No day is perfect without looking at some fancy old cars. (Or at least according to Jesse) I had to laugh at the air conditioning on the red car because it reminds me of my hair drier.

We had a movie night with the kids and Rosalee gorged herself with pineapple and cherry tomatoes.

My nephews giving me their best warrior poses. The best thing is the following pictures are from a Sunday. That's right, we have duct tape sword fights on Sunday afternoons once church is done. Don't you wish you were a part of my family!?!?

Fear me!

I'm not sure how or why, but I found a little man on the tree fort.

The boys with their toys... who knew that duct tape could entertain men of all ages for hours!?

While the boys were playing in the yard with the swords Rosalee walked around and looked at all the flowers in the gardens.

These two are eerily alike!

I love Rosalee! Her face in this picture says it all.

Water play = Happy kids


Hello Mr. Blue Eyes!

Fun times in the sprinkler. My nephew Tyler cracks me up with his poses.

Oh Zekey... So he crawls ALL OVER ALL THE TIME now and gets into pretty much everything he shouldn't. He still crawls upside down but he also will army crawl if he feels he needs to get somewhere quickly. One night I was in the living room and I heard a splashing sound followed by a giggling delighted baby. I went into the kitchen to see that Zeke had spilled the dog's water on the floor and was swimming around in it. To make it better his shirt says "messy" on it.

Apparently I'm a jack of all trades because I got to give my niece a few highlights before leaving for scout camp.

She was SO SO SO excited to have some blond in her hair!