27 May 2009

Sorry friends

I feel like a bum for not posting in (gasp!!!) 2 weeks but I have good reasons! First we went on vacation, then we moved, and then moving in has been delayed. I'm only online now because of the kindness of random friends and family letting us stay with them until we can move in. Don't worry, the house in Idaho is NOTHING like the house in Indiana. The previous owners took longer to move out than expected so we moved everything into the garage and stayed with Jesse's grandparents in Rexburg. We aren't there tonight because the water isn't on yet and being 6 months pregnant I didn't feel like living without a flushing toilet. The water should be turned on tomorrow, Thursday morning at the latest, and then we'll be in the house until further notice. We have some boxes in the house, but most are in the garage still. Jesse did get Rosalee's crib together but sadly she's still snuggling with me in the big bed for now. We should also be getting the Internet hooked up on Thursday so I will FINALLY be able to post all 185 (okay so I won't be putting all of them online) pictures I have on my camera. Most of them are from Hawaii, but I also have some wonderful ones of Jesse at graduation. We took a few shots of us moving but we were so focused on leaving Indiana we didn't take many. So stay tuned and hopefully, hopefully I will be back to blogging by this weekend!

08 May 2009

Fun with Grandma

My mom flew in on Wednesday and Rosalee has loved having time with her. Tomorrow Jesse and I fly to Hawaii tomorrow and my mom will stay in Lafayette with Rosalee. So far they're getting along great but I'm still nervous to be away from my little girl for 6 days.

On Thursday the day started out sunny so we played outside for as long as possible before the rain came in. Then we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. This is the largest children's museum in the nation AND the 1st Thursday night of every month is free admission so we had to go one last time. I encourage everyone in central Indiana to go every free Thursday night and enjoy having a crazy fun time with your family!

Playing outside in Rosalee's sensory box
Scooping sand over and over with a HUGE grin on her face!

As soon as she heard music she dropped her sand toys and ran over to find the music. She held the small bell rattle and rocked back and forth to the music.
She loved playing in the water area! She walked around and collected all of the rubber ducks. I think at one time she had 5 of them in her arms.
The museum has a Chihuly display that is BEAUTIFUL! They have a rotating chair that you lie back in and can look at all the colorful glass. They had some statues with holes and plastic pieces for the kids to create their own designs. Rosalee had fun passing the plastic pieces to Jesse and putting them in the holes. It was funny to watch her walk on the glossy tile because she was so cautious! She would run on the carpet but as soon as she would get to the tile she'd walk slow, look down at her feet, look at us nervously, and then tiptoe across it. Even after she walked on the tile several times she still was cautious. It was funny to see her run on the carpet and then come to a halt when she'd hit the tile time and time again.
On our way out of the museum Rosalee was walking near another girl, about 3 years old. They kept smiling at each other and then the other girl ran ahead, turned around, and stuck her arms out. Rosalee ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug and they both started giggling. The little girl did this a second time and Rosalee again ran up to her and hugged her. The smile on Rosalee's face was fabulous and it made me so thankful for the innocence of children.
Rosalee was SO tired after we left the museum! She could barely walk and kept lying her head down on Jesse's head. On the drive home she was rubbing her eyes and saying, "sleep". When we got home Rosalee didn't want her cup, her toothbrush, a book, ANYTHING! All she wanted was to go straight to bed. So we put her in her pajamas and laid her in the crib. Within two or three minutes she was passed out for the night.

Today our friends came over for what could be the last time we see them. :( Rosalee was VERY excited to see her friend Mia. As soon as she saw Mia get out of the car and she started screaming, "Mia! MIA!!!" The two ran around the house playing together and even shared a snack in Rosalee's chairs. It makes me sad to be leaving our friends, but especially to leave Rosalee's friends. She loves other children and it's nice to have a group of kids for her to spend time with.