17 October 2007

Costume contest

Tonight our apartment complex had a costume party. I had no idea what to dress up like so I just found some random items around the house. I thought it would easy to be a hobo so I wore Jesse's grubby work pants, dirtied up an ugly maternity shirt, and made a sign from a cereal box. Jesse wore his mechanic suit and stuck a bunch of tools in his pockets. We decided to make Trouble a boxer. We used our baby's bathrobe and some baby mittens for her costume. It was fun running around the apartment trying to find items so we wouldn't have to spend any money.
Trouble's boxer outfit
Our family photo

This was my costume and I won 1st place!! I won $50 cash from the apartment complex. Not bad for throwing together junk from around the house! The one judge kept looking at me and laughing while saying, "pickles". Jesse teases me that I only won because of the sympathy vote for being pregnant and looking homeless.

14 October 2007

New car

Our old car was starting to die, seriously it was more like it was dead and we were forcing it to go just a few miles more... Jesse and I decided we should probably start looking at a getting a new car because we'd need it soon. Well two days after looking at some cars our car died. I was driving home from work and it wouldn't go faster than 10 miles per hour, the temperature gauge was far into the red, and smoke was coming out from under the hood!!! YIKES!!!! We drove (with a lot of faith and prayer) to the dealership and decided to buy the car we'd looked at the Saturday before. By some freak miracle we were able to get $500 trade-in on our dead car. Kelly Bluebook stated that our car, in perfect condition was only worth $700 but since ours was in terrible shape Kelly Bluebook stated it was worth $0. I guess the good men at the dealership either felt bad for us or haven't kept up on todays trade-in values.
Jesse and I decided to buy a 2003 Kia Spectra. It's nothing fancy, but it's the newest car either one of us have ever had! Plus it's GREAT on gas, very affordable, we got a great deal on it, and I don't have to fear that my car will die on the way to the hospital!

The doctor told us that we should start packing my bag for the hospital and put the carseat in the car. Jesse decided to put the carseat in and a little sign in the window. It's crazy how different people drive around you when you put a little sign in your window...


Since Halloween is approaching that means two things for us. One, we need to start buying some candy for the neighborhood kids and two, our baby is coming VERY soon! Since we aren't exactly sure when the baby is coming we decided to carve our pumpkins a little early so we'd have them for Halloween. Here in Lafayette we have a farmers' market downtown on Saturday mornings. There is a family that has a large wagon full of all types of pumpkins and gourds every week. We decided to buy one regular orange pumpkin and one white pumpkin. The white pumpkin is A LOT thicker than the orange one so it was harder to carve, but both of us think the white pumpkin seeds taste better. We've bought another white pumpkin that we'll carve closer to Halloween in case the other two mold or shrivel.
We figured we'd try out the baby's bathtub to make sure it can take a good mess!

Jesse was a little too excited to play with knives...
Trouble LOVED eating the pumpkin strings and licking up the juice from the tub.
Jesse's pirate pumpkin.
Jesse with his creation.
A close up of my pumpkin.
Posing with my white pumpkin spider.
This our porch all lit up at night.