26 January 2008


Rosalee has recently figured out the joy of playing with her toys. Every day she gets a little bit better at being able to hit the toys, instead of just having her arms fling about. She also "talks" a lot more now. Anyone who is willing to look her in the face and make a sound is someone she deems worthy enough to talk to. She's a regular Chatty Cathy!! :)

Today we tried putting her mirror next to her to see what she'd do. She laid on her stomach for about 1/2 hour "talking" to the reflection. It was fun watching her interact and react to seeing her own facial expressions. I recorded a little video of it on our camera, even though our camera videos usually turn out grainy and awful. Even if the quality isn't the best, Rosalee still is adorable to watch!

23 January 2008

Mom time

This week I've been home sick with strep throat and Rosalee has a cold. We've spent a lot of time in bed, snuggled up together. As much as I hate being sick I've really loved having the time to be home with Rosalee during the day. Who knew being sick could be a blessing in disguise!?

13 January 2008

2 months old!!

Our beautiful girl turned 2 months old on the 6th of January. Lately she's been doing a lot more and is very fun to be with. Rosalee's new things include-
*smiling when she sees her parents**laughing in her sleep and while playing**able to make a variety of faces**cooing sounds**"talking" to us by cooing in response to what we say to her**following people walking by with her eyes**better head control*

At her two month doctor appointment we found out that Rosalee is now 10 pounds, 2 ounces and 24 inches tall!! My little girl is already 2 feet tall... I don't know where she gets it from because I'm not exactly the tallest person... Her height is in the 90th percentile and her weight is in the 25th percentile. She's our little beanpole baby!

Great grandparents

Jesse's grandparents from Alaska toured the lower 48 states to visit/meet all twenty something of their great grandchildren. They went to Ohio, and stayed with Jesse's sister, so we drove out there to meet up with them. It was really cute to see Grandpa Carlson play with Rosalee. When it came time for dinner he refused to give her up to eat! I'm very thankful that we were able to see them, even if it was only one day.

Rosalee ready for the drive to Ohio.

Playing with Grandpa Carlson

Jesse, Grandpa, Grandma, Rosalee, and Marie

04 January 2008

Forks, WA

My mom and I went to Forks, WA for one night. Forks is nestled between the mountains/rainforest and the Pacific Ocean so it makes for beautiful, and diverse, scenery. I've never been to Forks, but these books I recently read take place here. I thought it would be fun to go to the town and nearby area to see the places from the books. My mom hasn't been to Forks since before I was born (1983ish) so she thought it would be a nice overnight getaway. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our stay. It was wonderful to get to eat fresh seafood and remember why I love Washington so much. The next time Jesse and I go to WA I plan on taking him out here. The Twilight series books are set in Forks and La Push, WA. Randomly throughout town they have signs in windows, hung on walls, etc. promoting the books. This is a sign that was in the window of the restaurant we had dinner at.

My mom and I had a great time being silly and enjoying the sights.

A BEAUTIFUL view of the ocrean from First Beach in La Push, WA.

When she was a kid/teen she would go camping with her family at Mora Campgrounds near Forks. She hasn't been back since the mid 70s to the campground so it was fun for her to visit here. She was VERY happy that the place looks the same as she remembers it.

This is how Rosalee spent her time while we were driving around. It was nice to have her sleep most of the time so we didn't have to stop often.

Winter in Washington

For New Years Rosalee and I (Marie) went to Washington to visit friends and family. Everyone loved meeting Rosalee and I enjoyed seeing them interact with her. I just wish we lived closer so we could see them more often.

Grandpa Jerry with Rosalee

Uncle Jesse tickling Rosalee

Rosalee now smiles a lot when she sees people. I'm not sure why but every time my brother would play with her she'd start smiling and laughing up a storm!

She decided that the faux fur on her coat was better than a pacifier.

Great grandma Rose with Rosalee

My Uncle Pat and my dad
My cousin Merlin