28 February 2008

Baby Rosalee looks like...

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What do you think?

People always tell me that Rosalee looks JUST like me, but I think she looks a lot like both of us. Jesse and I want to know what you think. Does she have Jesse's nose and look more like him? Or does she have Marie's facial features and look more like her?
This is Jesse at 3 months and Rosalee at 2 months
This is Marie at 3 months and Rosalee at 3 months

24 February 2008

Big boy toys

On Saturday Jesse and I went to the Sports Outdoor Show in Indianapolis. Jesse wanted to go to see the motorcycles, but we ended up seeing everything. It was held at the state fairgrounds and each pavilion building had a different theme. There was one just for motorcycles, one for ATVs and other recreation vehicles, one for boats, and one for fishing, hunting, and camping.

People probably thought Mr. Mom looked pretty silly sitting on all of the motorcycles! Rosalee enjoyed it though. She stayed awake the whole time and was looking around at all of the lights and sounds.

It's hard to see, but Rosalee is wearing Harley booties.

This is a hearse for bikers! The man who owns it, Smitty, says that he is one of 14 people in the U.S. that operate motorcycle drawn hearses. The motorcycle is a tricycle and then with a typical tow hitch the hearse is attached. Jesse and I think my dad should look into doing this when he retires!

There was a mud track inside where people could test drive vehicles for free so I figured I'd try. I've NEVER driven an ATV before so I was a little nervous. I drove really slow at first and took all the turns cautiously. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who did a 3 point turn the entire day...

The largest pavilion was FILLED with boats! They were so close together that we could have walked along just hopping in and out of boats. Jesse and I found it insane that some of the boats were fancier than most homes! We found one boat (in the picture above) that comes with satellite TV, a full kitchen, and a queen size bed!

These are just some of the MANY motorcycles we saw at the Expo. Jesse was like a kid in a candy store! It was fun to see him so excited.

Jesse James... the biker?

At the Motorcycle Expo Jesse signed up to take motorcycle safety classes. These classes will help teach Jesse how to be safer when riding a motorcycle. He starts class on the 18th of April here in Lafayette. I told him that he can have a motorcycle when he graduates from college so pretty soon we'll pricing and checking out various bikes!

He got the coat and chaps from my parents for Christmas. At the Motorcycle Expo Jesse bought himself a patch to put on his coat. He even spent over an hour last night putting leather treatment solutions on his coat.

This is what Jesse hopes he'll look like in the near future on his bike!

23 February 2008

Rosalee's 2 cents...

Rosalee now "talks" all the time! She loves it when we listen to her and talk back to her. She also smiles a lot more than before. It seems like almost anything will make her smile. We feel very blessed to have such a happy baby.

Her new trick is blowing raspberries. One day I started doing it to make me laugh and surprisingly she did it back! Every so often we'll hear her lying in her crib or in the car seat making all kinds of fun noises. At the beginning of the video she's doing it, so hopefully you'll be able to see and hear it.

Happy Birthday!

On the 19th Marie turned 23!
It was a nice relaxing day filled with work, school, and a nice quiet evening. Jesse bought Outback Steakhouse dinner take out and then made me a cake. It was a spice cake with cream cheese frosting, my favorite!

15 February 2008

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!

My friends Angie and Brett are moving to Australia at the end of this month. When I came to Lafayette I student taught in Angie's classroom and then worked there until the end of the school year. Angie helped to confirm my love for working with children with severe disabilities. Even after I stopped working at Earhart she'd still help me with my teaching! Besides being a GREAT mentor, she was also a wonderful friend. She taught me to love The Office, shared my obsession with scrapbooking, and even let us do our laundry at her house until we bought our own machines! I wish her and Brett the best of luck for their Australian adventure!

When Rosalee was first born, Angie was TERRIFIED to hold her! I found it odd that a person who can work with children with severe disabilities was afraid of a small baby... but after several times of being around Rosalee Angie warmed up to holding her. Now after 3 months she's an old pro!

Our expressive little baby!

Rosalee now makes all kinds of cute faces and noises. She has learned what our voices sound like and she responds to them all the time. It's really fun taking her picture because all I have to do is say something and she'll look at me with her GORGEOUS smile!
"I'm only in a robe Mom. Why are you taking my picture!?"

"It's okay, I still love you."

"I love playing with my toys!"

"Especially when I can EAT them!!!"

"I love hanging out with Dad."

06 February 2008

Tornados, tongues, and trying times

Last night we had terrible weather here in Indiana, and most of the midwest. Thankfully we were not in the way of the tornados, but we did have heavy rainfall. Now the river that divides West Lafayette from Lafayette is close to spilling over. On top of that one of the local dams is close to capacity so we're on flood watch for the next few days. The scary thing about having tornados and severe storms this early is that is doesn't mean storm season will end sooner; it means that storm season will just last longer and have stronger storms. :( Yippeeeeee! So if we come knocking on your door in May you'll know why!

Today Rosalee turned 3 months old. On all of her month markers I take some pictures of her close up so when she turns one year old I can fill my 0-12 month photo frame. Lately her two favorite things are playing with her tongue and rolling from her stomach to her back. Sometimes when she rolls over she gets stuck on her side, but she doesn't seem to mind. In fact she usually ends up laughing at herself. Today I was able to capture a picture of her doing just that.

The sad part about this week is that Rosalee is sick and not getting better. The good thing is that she isn't getting worse though. Jesse and I both have busy work/school schedules so it's hard for us to be home with her. It KILLS me to have to send her to the daycare when she's sick. I know that all she's going to do is cry all day and get the other children sick. Thankfully on Monday Jesse was able to skip most of his classes to be with her and then I was able to work a 1/2 day yesterday. Today was a teacher inservice day so I took Rosalee with me to work and then brought her home early.
It's so sad to see her so sick and miserable. Even though she's sick she doesn't cry or scream as much as I would expect. Mostly she just makes little fussy sounds and weezes while tears roll down her cheek. She isn't able to eat and sleep properly because of how stuffy her nose is. The only way we can get her to sleep is if we hold her upright in our arms against our chest or prop her up in the boppy pillow. The below picture is of her sleeping in my arms, somewhat upright, in our new recliner. I just hope she gets better soon! Since she's so young all we can do is give her Tylenol for a fever, use a bulb sucker to clean out her nose, and wait hopefully for her body to heal.

02 February 2008

Flippin' like a flapjack!

On Thursday Rosalee turned over for the 1st time! Yesterday we had to put her on her stomach three times because she turned over twice. Today she wouldn't stay on her stomach, she just flips right over! She's never really liked "tummy time" so now that she's found a way out of it she's using it!!

*Again, I'm sorry the video quality is poor. I tried to edit the video to fix the lighting issue but I wasn't able to. One day the videos will turn out good... one day...*


This weekend, and next weekend, Jesse is attending emergency response firefighter training. After completing the course his name will go into a national database. Whenever there is a fire that is
declared a national emergency Jesse would be called and asked to come help. He would be flown to the sight and then paid 12.50 for the time he works. If called to work, he'd be gone for 14 days at a time. He's really excited about it and hopes to be able to be called to work soon. I'll probably be nervous the whole time he's gone, but I'll know he's doing a good thing. Plus, with his degree this added certification will help him get better jobs.