13 June 2007

Ultrasound pictures

The technician took A LOT of pictures for us, as well as made a video. I've picked the pictures that I think show the most and are the easiest to see. The first one is my favorite because it looks like the baby is praying or begging for something.

The gender is...

A surprise!! Our little one is shy and didn't want to show us whether it's a boy or a girl. The baby was sitting cross legged on their butt so the technician couldn't see! When they finally moved a little they ended up sitting on their feet so here's the picture of our baby's feet!

The technician kept jabbing the baby with the probe to see if they would move their feet so she could see but all we got were several feet pictures! One thing is for sure, this kid can kick!!

10 June 2007


Jesse and I decided to go camping, with our friend and his daughters, for one night. The place was just north of town, at Prophetstown State Park. It was Trouble's first time camping and she did suprisingly well. I was worried it would be hard to sleep in a tent being pregnant but it wasn't bad. Thankfully it only got down to 60 degrees at night so we were nice and warm all night. Sadly our stomachs are now recovering after too many hotdogs and marshmellows.Jesse and Trouble sitting by the fire.
Yes, sadly, my back really is that swayed!
Late at night full of marshmellows...
When I woke up in the morning Trouble moved on in and took my spot!
This is Trouble helping us make kindling by destroying a box.

09 June 2007


Here's Trouble "helping" Jesse bbq!
Trouble with her new toy.

Last day of school

These two were some of my favorites!