21 May 2010

Mothers' Day Week in WA

I've been trying to get this posted for about a week now but between computer issues and the kids it has taken me longer than I had hoped. So now without further delay, our vacation pictures!
The first day the kids and I stopped in La Grande, Oregon for a night in a hotel. I could have gone the entire way to my parent's house, but I'm sure we would have arrive in tears and exhausted. Zeke slept until we stopped for lunch in Boise and then he slept until 20 minutes before we got to the hotel. It was HEAVEN! Rosalee was excited because the hotel was next to a McDonald's and she was convinced that she was going to have chicken nuggets for dinner. The McDonald's had a play area so I gave in and she got her chicken nuggets.

Exploring the hotel room
The next morning as soon as Rosalee woke up she asked, "Is it time for Grandma Terry's?" When I said "yes" she jumped out of bed and ran to the door. She demanded to get in the car and leave immediately! I tried to get her to eat some breakfast but she wasn't in the mood. So I took a banana and muffin from the breakfast area and let her eat them in the car.
We drove so fast (not speeding, just excited to see Grandma fast) that my mom wasn't able to meet us for lunch because we were almost to her house when she called us. When she asked what Rosalee wanted for lunch she screamed, "I want to be at Grandma Terry's house!" She was afraid that we were going to stop and eat so she refused to answer.
When we got to my parent's we were greeted by the barking dogs and screaming peacocks. Rosalee almost broke her arm trying to get out of the car seat to see the animals and Grandma.

Lucky Bird- sadly later in the week he died after the dog "played" with him
On Mothers' Day I was having such a wonderful time that I forgot to take any pictures! We spent the morning at church and I was given a plant and some strawberry shortcake. Zeke found it amusing to smear the cream on his face. Later that afternoon my aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and daughter all came out and we had a fabulous dinner. We ate brisket (YUM!) and some other things... all I can remember now is that tender, delicious brisket... The girls had fun playing outside on the swing set and with the cats. Zeke showed us how strong his fear of facial hair is by screaming and crying at the sight of my heavily bearded Scandinavian uncle.
On Monday morning we woke up and enjoyed being on vacation! The kids snuggled on the couch with Koshka and watched as much Dora and Diego as one mother can handle.

When I FINALLY got the kids dressed it was time for more cartoons. Don't you like the stare and attention she gives? Too bad I don't get the same treatment!

Tuesday was a lot like Monday. We just ran some errands, but mostly hung out at the farm. My kids didn't mind so neither did I! Rosalee found some of our old toys and played with them. Her favorites were some plastic pig toys she found in my brother's room. (Again notice the stare and refusal to stop staring at Diego.)

On Wednesday we went back to my brother's school (he's in culinary art school) and had lunch. To make it better we had lunch with my dad's cousins. The last time I saw these women I was 4, maybe 5 and my brother was breaking into all of the cars. Cathy (the one in the black top) is making a video scrapbook of my dad's family so I've been sending her pictures over the past few months. It was nice to finally meet her in person. Diane (the one in the yellow top) is my dad's double cousin (Grandpa's sister married Grandma's brother) so I think she looks a lot like my Aunt Billie. We all had a delicious lunch and enjoyed sharing family stories.

On Thursday I got together with my friend Tiffany. We've been friends since Kindergarten so I try to see her as often as possible. I went over to her house to pick her up and Rosalee found the room with the toys. There was a bag of make-up that Tiff's nieces play with (they are older than Rosalee) and Rosalee decided to put on some "Tinkerbell sparkles". That's what I get for leaving her alone in a room with girly things!

While I was taking her picture she wanted me to take a picture of the rock she stole from Tiff's front yard.

Our plan was to take the kids to the park and then walk down by the lake. But for whatever reason the park isn't open on Thursdays! So we went to a different park but they took out the toys for the kids. UGH! At this point the kids were asleep so we drove up to Tiff's old house and she showed me that it is now two houses and a giant garage. Gross. Why do things have to change? Our next option was to call up Tiff's friend Carmen and go over to her house. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Carmen lives on a lake so I was all for it!
We went for a walk down to the lake and I let the kids play. Rosalee kept looking for some fish in the water, but sadly she didn't find any. She did manage to get her feet and pants soaked though.

This is when she was "testing" the water. After she found out it wasn't that cold she kept dipping her feet in and splashing around.
Next we walked around the woods and found an old burned down home. Rosalee climbed into the fireplace and tried to take some of the rocks. I tried to take her picture but she said it was Tiffany's turn so we took one of her instead.

On the walk back Rosalee said her feet were sleepy so I got to carry her home.

Zeke clung on to Carmen.

I'm glad Tiff stole my camera and took some pictures of me because I feel like I'm never on this blog and I'm the one who keeps it going!

Everyone loves a good bum shot!
This isn't the best picture, but I have one like it from every time we get together. The oldest one I have is from April 27, 1991 at Tiff's birthday party.

While we talked Rosalee watched Sponge Bob and Zeke crab walked around the living room.

On Friday my mom's friends came over and they brought us these for the kids!

I gave the picnic table to my mom and said it is for when the kids come over to visit. But the double heart chair is ALL MINE! Sadly we don't have space for it (We're still in my in-law's basement with a garage stuffed to the max.) so I left it at my mom's house, in my old bedroom. One day it will either go in Rosalee's bedroom or in my family room.
We spent the rest of the time running around the farm, enjoying the great weather.

This is Piper

Rosalee loves her cat!

My parents have a pesky raccoon that is eating all the birds so they set out a trap to catch it. I was hoping that they would so I could show it to Rosalee, but sadly it didn't come back.
On Friday night Zeke was sleep so I took Rosalee out for a walk around the farm. She was really interested in the dandelions and kept picking them. It was cute to sit back and watch the curiosity of a two year old at work.

I do exist! (Try not to be scared of me without makeup please.)

This is Blackjack, my mom's newest cat. He is so cuddly that he wouldn't stop rubbing up against my leg long enough for me to take his picture! The funniest thing he did was jump up on Zeke while he was under a blanket nursing. Oddly I was the only one bothered by it.

Apparently the cat thinks we got the table for her...
One of my favorite things about going to my parent's house is the food. My dad and brother are fabulous cooks! My mom has a few recipes that she does that are great, but other than that... buy a frozen pizza! One thing that I love about my dad's cooking is he likes to cook. By this I mean, he does it all from scratch because he likes how it tastes. For example, instead of buying a bag of frozen strawberry goodness he put some strawberries in a pot and slow cooked them with a few sprinkles of sugar for our strawberry shortcake. These are the same people that a week before cooked a brisket for 7 hours just because they knew it would be that much better. (It's a good thing I don't live there anymore or I'd seriously be 300 pounds!)

What can make a baby smile like a crazy person? Having homemade strawberry shortcake for breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Every spring my parents get some pigs to raise to eat. This year they got five pigs- three girls and two boys. Two of the girls are a brownish red color and I think it's cute. (Well as cute as a pig can get.) Rosalee enjoyed keeping the pigs lean by chasing them around the yard.

Mmmm... bacon standing! (Lindsey- Take your pick!)
One of my other favorite things to do at my parent's house is to play on the old swingset. Now that Rosalee is older she can climb on it and have a lot of fun.

My little monkey child- always and forever climbing on things!

Be amazed at my skill!!!
The last days are bittersweet, but the sign of a good vacation is not wanting to go home I guess.

Zekey with Grandma Terry

Rosalee playing outside on the swingset with my dad.

The men folk passed out after listening to some funky reggae like music, followed by some blues and jazz.

This is Rosalee's cat (Koshka) that lives on the farm. I love her green eyes.

19 May 2010

Zeke is 9 months old!

I spent the last week in WA with my parents, family, and friends. I was set on sitting down and uploading all of my cute picture with hilarious commentary but then my computer decided to spaz out on me! The program that I use to upload, and edit, all of my pictures is being weird and freezing. Until I figure it out I'll just make a quick post about Zeke turning 9 months old.

This is Zeke "crawling" at my mom's house

Yes, he is upside down using his feet to push up and his head to maintain balance
We went to Zeke's doctor appointment yesterday and everything is going great! We were concerned (not really, just curious) about his "crawling". Zeke still moves around upside down using his feet and his head. Occasionally he'll stop and pose like this (See the above pictures) and we wondered if it is going to hurt his neck at all. I asked the nurse and she looked confused so I put Zeke on the ground to show her what I meant. When he took off her jaw HIT THE GROUND! She said she had never seen it before but would ask the doctor about. In came the doctor who watched my son in amazement. Instead of saying, "Oh yeah, it's totally normal, I see it all the time," he went to go get the other doctors so they could see it too. 5 adults stared in awe at the world's youngest gymnast moving around the clinic floor. (I put a blanket down first because I can't imagine what kind of fun things would be lurking on a doctor office floor!) None of them had ever seen a baby do that before. The physician's assistant was shocked and claims that in 15-20 years he'll see Zeke competing for the gold in the Olympics as a gymnast. They all agreed that if it were hurting him, he'd just stop doing it. One doctor said that Zeke has a "real gift" and if we "foster it appropriately" could lead him to being a very successful gymnast, yoga teacher, wrestler, circus person... (Okay, I added the last one in.) The doctor asked me to bring Zeke back in one month so he can do a physical evaluation on him. Crawling helps to build coordination and cross lateralization of the brain. (Yeah me for having a degree in Early Childhood Education!) The doctor honestly isn't concerned, he just wants to make sure all the bases are covered.
So Zeke is healthy and just a little extra special!
He is also 18 1/2 pounds (20th percentile), has a head that is off the chart because it's that big- 19" (just like his sister!), and is 29 1/2" tall (85th percentile).
He refuses to eat baby food in the jar, unless he's really hungry. He'd much rather eat big people food or drink milk. He is still being breastfed and always informs me of when he's thirsty. This usually includes, but is not limited to, the smacking of his lips, pulling at the front of my shirt, leaning into a cradled/nursing position, and signing "milk" at me.
He has two teeth and loves to chew, chew, chew!
He loves toys, he usually goes for the dog's toys, but anything that squeaks, lights up, or beeps is a guaranteed favorite!
He is happy almost all of the time. When he's excited he makes all kinds of squeaks and squeals and has earned the name of Squeaky Zekey.

05 May 2010

Be careful not to...

leave the room for ANY reason and leave a bowl of baby food peaches near the baby unattended.

leave your closet open and your shoes at arms reach of a toddler.

leave a stepping stool near the art supply drawer, ESPECIALLY if your child SAW you put the chalk away earlier in the day.