26 December 2007


Our family spent Christmas at home in Indiana. Even if Rosalee won't remember her 1st Christmas we will always remember the great feeling of having her with us this year. It was a lot of fun opening her gifts, even if we already knew what most of them were. Poor Jesse developed a cough and cold like symptoms but all stores were closed so he had to suffer. :( Rosalee wouldn't wake up when we opened presents so all of her pictures look the same. In the afternoon we went to see the movie National Treasure - Book of Secrets with our neighbors. Rosalee was her usual self, and slept the whole time!
My aunt and uncle sent Rosalee some Harley clothes and booties. It was so nice to get presents from our families for her.

Santa brought Rosalee some Purdue clothes and a monkey stuffed animal. The only bad part is that Santa got 12 month sizes so Rosalee has to wait to wear her new things.

24 December 2007

Weekend in Ohio

We spent the weekend before Christmas visiting Jesse's sister Beth, and her family, in Dayton Ohio. We've lived away from family for over a year now so it's nice to finally have someone kind of close for us to visit. While there we made graham cracker houses, played with our nephews and niece, went to church, and just had a wonderful time.
Rosalee's Christmas outfit for church. Her dress had so many layers that it was hard to hold her and get her situated in her car seat. Rosalee's Aunt Beth made her a cute bracelet that matched her dress perfectly. Rosalee with her cousin Lindy.
Jacob, Jesse, and Tyler singing Christmas songs to Rosalee.

19 December 2007

Trouble the model?

We received a phone call the other day from the breeder we bought Trouble from. She said she wanted to use some pictures of Trouble to make some ads for her dogs. She said that the pictures and advertisements would run in various dog magazines throughout the country. She wanted some pictures of Trouble looking happy and some of her with Rosalee. She thought it would be nice to show that bulldogs are good with children. Here are some of the pictures that we sent her to use. So maybe one day these will appear in a magazine at PetSmart! Wouldn't that be funny!?

14 December 2007

Here comes Santa Claus

Our apartment complex had the annual Christmas party this week. We went on a horse drawn sleigh ride around the complex, singing Jingle Bells. Rosalee slept for most of the night so we were able to talk with friends and eat all the delicious food. We tried to wake her up for a picture with Santa but she wouldn't wake up. Right before we left she woke up so we ran back over to Santa to get a family picture taken. Jesse and I are very excited to celebrate our first Christmas with our daughter!

09 December 2007

Winter is upon us!!!

This week we had our first snow of the year. Jesse was happy to see the snow but I was not. I'm not a big fan of snow so I spent a lot of time inside drinking hot chocolate. One nice thing about the snow is it gave us an excuse to dress Rosalee in her Halloween costume. :) We woke up this morning to find this outside. Apparently during the night we had an ice storm that covered everything in a sheet of ice. I've never seen an ice storm before and I think that it makes everything beautful!

Since we didn't find out church was cancelled until we were half way there we went for a drive. Jesse took us to a horticulture park near Purdue so we could see all of the pretty trees covered in ice. We agree that the prettiest ones are the trees with red/orange leaves covered in about 1/2-1 inch of ice. While Jesse enjoyed running around taking pictures I enjoyed staying warm in the car watching Rosalee sleep.

04 December 2007

Daddy time

Here are some pictures of Jesse with Rosalee. Since the day she was born he's been an excellent father. If he's home he offers to change her diapers, hold her, rock her to sleep, any thing that would give her more time with his girl.
Here he is with Rosalee rocking her to sleep in the hospital.
He burps her during the night after I feed her. He used Trouble as a prop pillow to hold Rosalee up and ended up falling asleep. :)
This is the first time Jesse gave Rosalee a bath. This is one of the things he enjoys doing with her.
He loves snuggling our girl after burping her at night. It's so sweet to see!
Jesse LOVES the snugli! He puts Rosalee in it to do homework, housework, or to cook. As soon as we put her in it she falls asleep against Jesse's chest.