03 March 2011

Life with dad (Jan - Feb 2011)

Say Cheese!

We just love dogs! (thank you Grandpa)

One of our favorite things to do with dad is read books. This is Zeke's favorite it's called Dinasourumpus.

While staying with dad we went to our cousins house where we played and played all day long.

06 February 2011

Halloween 2010

One day I will get caught up, one day I will get caught up...
For Halloween we decided to stay around Blackfoot and take the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood. Apparently the house is on a popular street that gets a lot of kids. At first we just had a few kids trickle in but after our first trip around the block we were swamped! I stayed at the house to pass out the candy while Jesse took Rosalee out for more candy. I felt bad when a huge group of people showed up at the door and I ran out mid group. I started passing out some of Rosalee's candy to them. I figured the kids didn't need THAT much and I would feel bad to turn away kids after my door was already open. As soon as that group left I turned off a bunch of the lights and hid with Zeke until Rosalee and Jesse came home. We finished off the night by eating more candy than we should and watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cartoon.

We bribed the cowboy to stay in his stroller with a green lolly... it seemed to work well.

Apparently lollys have no effect on keeping hats on little ones. SIGH

The cowboy and his mama

Rosalee posing for the camera and showing off her outfit. I made the jacket and skirt, she had the white shirt, and my mom got her the wings. She told me she wanted curly hair and to have it red "like Ariel" so I happily complied

I also got carried away with the glitter spray... as you can tell by the giant spot on her head. It took a few days of washing to get it all out.

Sans hat, he's ready to go!

Rosalee's wings weren't staying up properly and it was pulling her jacket off. It was bothering me so right before we left I ran inside and got a hair clip to hold everything together. I think it turned out really cute.

Oh Idaho... :)

Rosalee was really great at saying "please" and "thank you" for the candy. She also cracked us up at the random things she'd talk about or get distracted by...

After several houses, Rosalee's legs got tired so she went for a ride on Dad's shoulders.

Jesse did the make-up on his friend. He's suppose to look like a crash victim. I think his arm looks nasty so they did a great job!


Attempts at some shots with Rosalee

Jesse took this one for his mom

After round two of trick or treating Rosalee came home and stripped off her top. Then she insisted on eating some chips (she got them at one house) while watching a cartoon. Here she is watching Charlie Brown.

Speaking of The Great Pumpkin...
Here is Zeke in his Halloween pajamas.

04 February 2011

Making cookies... and a mess

One day last October (Oh yes, I still am THAT far behind!) we decided to make sugar cookies as a family. The dough turned out SUPER sticky so we covered the counter in flour to roll out the dough. Rosalee had more fun playing in the flour than actually working on making the cookies. After several attempts NOTHING worked. The dough just wasn't right. I'm not sure what I did wrong but it was not going to make decent cookies. We ended up just eating some dough and tossing out the rest.

Playing in flour

Happy girl with a cookie dough mustache

Cleaning the cookie dough mustache

Zeke playing with his dishes. He was making blowing and spitting sound effects at me.


Mom and Rosalee

Oh how I love my kids!!!!! I seriously went out of the room to check on Zeke and came back to find Rosalee swimming in flour on the counter. She had taken the lid off, got a scoop, and then put it on the counter just like before. Only this time instead of rolling out dough, she decided to roll herself. :)

My reaction to seeing Rosalee swimming in flour on the counter...

Cute little Zekey. Oh I could eat up his cuteness!!

"Look at my dusted hands! I am just so silly!"

25 January 2011

Zekey in autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I love when it's sunny and blue sky, but cold enough to see your breath in the morning. I also love seeing the leaves on the trees change color and fall down. When I drive over a pile of leaves and they shoot out behind my car it makes me think me smile. I love letting the kids play in the leaves because Rosalee gets just as excited as I do.
One day we went for a walk and I took a few pictures of Zeke. I love how blue his eyes look against the background colors. I just love that kid period.

This picture should have the caption "SQUIRREL!!!!" with it. I was just about to take this cute smiling picture of Zeke and then he turned to watch a squirrel run up a tree. Notice his finger pointing to the tree?


Trip to Gram Terry's Farm

In the middle of October the kids and I had the chance to go to Washington with some friends. I thought the kids would hate the long drive but they did AMAZING! Nothing that fruit snacks and apple juice can't fix. :)
While in Washington we had fun playing on the farm. Zeke learned about the bull. He now says, "da bull da bull da bull" whenever he looks out the back window. It's funny because he'd say it and then if we'd take him out back to see the bull he'd laugh hysterically. Rosalee was really excited to help do the farm chores every morning. As soon as she'd see someone get boots and a jacket she'd run over and start putting her own boots on. Her job became feeding the birds. I'm not sure how, or why, but the white peacocks are all known as "eekeys" now. It was really cute watching her spread the bird food out and talk to the birds about whatever was on her mind.
The boys kept themselves busy with psychotic things like riding untrained, green horses and going skydiving. Part of me would like to skydive one day and the sane, normal part says NO WAY!

The reason we go to head to Washington was Shawn was taking his horse to be boarded there. He was nice enough to take everyone and anyone who asked for a ride around the pasture. The kids LOVED it! My extended family even came out and got to ride Mayzee. The best was when David was trying to get her to move and she backed all the way up the hill. David wants to be a cowboy SO bad! There's potential... we've got it in the works.

The kids were so so so happy!! Alyssa kept asking for more turns and Rosalee just laughed like she always does.
One morning Rosalee informed me that it was her turn to take the pictures. The following are some of her best. Most of the ones she took cut off half of the person's face so I was happy that there were a few that look nice.

One sunny (but cold) day we went for a trail ride down in the Orting valley. I got the ride the pony Junebug who stands A LOT shorter than the other horses. Surprisingly though she can really move and keep up with the rest when she feels she's being left behind. I wouldn't have minded except that her trot is SO bouncy and my feet weren't in the stir-ups properly. (Oh yes, I am that short!) By the end of the ride I would have promised you that I had a bruise on my bum.

Later that day we had an early birthday party for Rosalee. Even though it was 3 weeks before she birthday I thought this would be the only time my parents would get to be with her near her birthday. Rosalee told me that she wanted a pink kitty cake so I did my best to fulfill her wish.

As you can see by the HUGE smile on her face she LOVED it!!! I used Hostess cake snowballs for the cheeks. They only had green ones (being close to Halloween) so the cat got to be very colorful. The whiskers are black licorice strips and the ears are broken graham crackers.

She's pointing to the eyes and ears on the cat.

I used some candy hearts for the nose and mouth and milk duds for the eyes. I am NOT artistic in the least so I was really shocked and pleased with how the cake turned out.

Then I decided it would be funny to put cake on people... as you can see, I lost. The poor cake, it never saw it comin'.
But everyone, especially Zeke, loved the cake. I thought Rosalee would object to eating her kitty cake but she had no problems with digging right in!

Nothing beats eating sugar on sugar in your underwear!
Rosalee was SO tired from a busy day that she passed out asleep. My mom put her in bed and then I realized that she was still in her underwear. So I sent my mom with pajamas to put her in. Then AFTER she came back downstairs she asked me, "Is she suppose to sleep in underwear or a pull-up?" I told her a pull-up and she said, "Oh..." She stirred when my mom put the pajamas on her so I was nervous to try and take them off and put her pull-up on. My mom told she to "not worry" because she "would handle it". The next morning this is what I saw-

Superhero Rosalee!
My mom just slipped the pull-up on over her pajamas so if she did have an accident it would at least keep the bed dry. I had to try SO hard to keep from laughing out loud! As soon as Rosalee woke up enough she asked me, "Mom!? Why is my panties on weird?" and I fixed the issue.
We spent the rest of the time hanging out and having fun on the farm. My mom got out her camera and took some pictures of the kids. I love Zeke's outfit! It fits right at home on the farm.


I will never get enough of those eyes! Rosalee and I call them his "lady killer blues".