03 March 2011

Life with dad (Jan - Feb 2011)

Say Cheese!

We just love dogs! (thank you Grandpa)

One of our favorite things to do with dad is read books. This is Zeke's favorite it's called Dinasourumpus.

While staying with dad we went to our cousins house where we played and played all day long.


lindsey said...

You are such a smart dad for taking pictures of you with Rosalee and Zeke! Especially when it's your turn to have them. As they look back-they will realize how lucky they are to have a daddy like you! And how much you care about them. And spend quality time with them.
You remind me so much of John when it comes to playing with the kids and taking care of them. It's hard to find {men} like that these day who do that!
You are awesome! We sure love you and your sweet family! See you soon. love-the james crew

Jared and Kristi Doss said...

Its fun seeing your pics.....thanks for helping take care of our kiddos too! We love you! -Dossters-